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Wish granted

As you watch, more and more scales start spreading all along your body, and soon you are armored head to foot. You feel astounding pressure at the back of your skull, then your body becomes wracked with pain, but you can feel your body changing and growing...

You open your eyes. You have no idea when you left conciousness, but from the huge yawn that suddenly escapes you, you guess it must have been a long time. Suddenly you remember what your last conscious thoughts were and quickly look over your body. As you recall, you were covered in green scales, but now, in the complete transformation, you see that your underbelly is different, of a light and visible white. As you rise to your feet, you suddenly become aware of a ceiling that is much lower then you remember. A pair of horns bang against stone, sending a shockwave through your skull. You drop down and land on your hands, or front talons as they have become. Your body has redesigned itself to be able to walk in both an upright and a horizontal position, though you find walking on all fours more comfortable. Your front talons are amazingly articulate for their shape, three taloned "fingers" and one large "thumb" near the wrist. You sudenly become aware of unusual muscle movements near your shoulders and discover a pair of large and powerful-looking wings. Speaking of muscles, your body is roped in them, lean, hard, and sturdy muscles. You explore your body further and find your head has changed shape, though slightly, to become more reptilian, with sharp rows of teeth. Then you find something strange, as you discover a lock of hair that sits on top of your head between your horns. Exploring further, you find it extends all along your back, where the usual spikes you remember from various dragon pictures should be. This line of fur goes as far as the tip of your tail and looks bushy and black. You then recall that no one has actually seen a dragon before, and, like dinosaurs, no one knew what they looked like. You recall some controversy over whether dinosaur hatchlings had fur. All in all, the transformation has left you not only in the best shape of your life, but very cool-looking indeed. You suddenly recall your wish at the well. Could it be that which did this? Or could it be something else? You put the idea aside and decide to look for a way out of the cave, following your nose toward the smell of fresh air.

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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