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A wolfs worst nightmare

As you wake up, you feel a draft against your skin. As your groggy mind tries to focus, you feel about on the bed. You feel alot of fuzz covering the sheets. Suddenly, your mind snaps into focus, and you look on your bed. It is covered in fur and hair. As you examine your body, you find various balding spots all over your body. You rush out of bed and race to a mirror.

As you examine your body, you find that your remaining hair is falling out by the moment, and you see rough skin left where your pelt once was. You scream at the shock, then curl up and whine like a newborn pup.

A couple of hours later, you find yourself completely bald. When you finally regain enough composure to do so, you wrap yourself up in clothes, donning a hood to hind your obviously embarassing condition. You find it very uncomfortable to hide your tail, now more like a rats, inside the seat of your pants.

Written by an anonymous author

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