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You continue throuh the day

"I wish to be in the best shape of my life" you say outloud. After a few seconds, you turn and begin to jog away. Of course you didn't expect anything to happen, it's only a superstition. You continue along your jogging route and lap the castle a few more times before going in for lunch. Fighting off the temptation to order out, you deside to stick to salads and fruits. You go tp your primative icebox for some fresh vegatables and chop them up into a salad. You grab an apple out of a basket and head to the dining room. Though the food doesn't exactly agree with you, being a carnivore, it is still filling enough for you to be satisfied.

Afterwords, you decide to jog down to the village and get seasonings. If your going to be a rabbit for the next few days, you want to be able to add some flavor to your food. The village is a bit primitive by your standards, but it is a pleasent place to live near. You smell food prepared properly, the old fasioned way, with all the flavor still in the food, rather then burnt out by overcooking. You go to the spice seller and barter or a while, eventually coming out with a bag of various spices. By the time you get back to the castle, it is dinner time. You prepare another salad, this time to a better satisfaction due to a bit of mint and parsley.

After you finish and wash the dishes, you feel tired. You head off the bed, and colapse on the bed. You peel the sweaty clothes from you fur and toss them into a corner. A few seconds later, you are fast asleep.

As you wake the next day you notice,,,

Written by Jack

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