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Wishing well

You walk through the almost empty castle, passing the useless treadmill that won't work without electricity. "I hope those guys show up soon" you think, "I don't think I can last much longer without decent entertainment."

As you go through your suitcases, you finally find a grey sweatsuit. You slip it on. It is a little tight, but not too uncomfortable. Since you can't jog on your treadmill, you figure that you'll have to settle for the old fashion way. A few laps around the castle grounds should do.

After a few laps, you begin to feel more confident, though a little winded. If you had left this a too much longer, you would probebly be sweating bullets. As you round the corner of the west wing, something catches your eyes. Jogging in place for a short while, trying to figure out what it is, you start towards it. As you aproach, you recognize what it is. A well. You don't seem to recall a well in the deed when you bought the castle. As you get closer, you see a small sign that reads, "Ye Old Wishing Well".

You are a little amused, something that old adds a sort of homey touch to the old castle, though a bit old fashioned. You look over the edge of the well, then drop a stone in. You hear a splash, indicating that it is still in good condition. You look about you, then figure, why not, and make a wish...

Written by Jack

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