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the zombie gets too close for your comfort. you decide that the man really needs to be saved. you shoot the zombie to death. but you are too late. the scientist slips and falls. before you could miss you drop your gun and grab his arms. he lookes up at you. his eyes say "thank you." you pull him up and over the railing. james says "nice catch." the man looked like hell. you pick up your machine gun and begin to continue on. you hear a groan. you can't see anything so you fire in the basic direction. you dont hear another groan. so you assume it was dead. you continue on to the security checkpoint you went through earlier you open the door and see the security guard. he was backed into a corner with a machinegun you could tell he was still human because all the others with masks were stained with blood. he points the gun at you but lowers it when you wince at the light of his gun. he says thank god. he takes a step tword you. he was a fox. with a long bushy tail and a pair of red ears that sit on the top/sides of his head, and a medium lenth snout. the scientist walks over to the control panel and examines it. the security guard looks and makes a dive for the panel. a monster breaks through the glass. he hit the button before it was halfway through. the lockdown shutters slam down. cutting the monster in half. it surely would have killed you if the guard had not been there. but then something strange happened. it begins to, dissolve. you say "quick, to the elevator." the guard hits the button to open the checkpoint door. the four of you go and get to the elevator. you hit the call button. the doors open and a zombie steps out. james puts his gun to it's forhead and blows it clean off. you step onto the elevator and wait for them to get on. the doors close after them and you push the button. after the doors open a pipe flys out of the darkness. you pull the scientist out of the way and it gets stuck in the wall behind you. he pulls out the pipe and hits the thrower in the side of the head. you shoot it in the skull. (seeing as his face was gone.) then you see a ladder decend from the ceiling. you hear someone at the top. "quick, up here, just then the doors at the top of the destroyed are blown open. a team of marines come out and look at you. they turn around and keep firing into the corridor. suddenly they break away and rush twords you, no, past you, to the ladder. if that many marines were running you assume it had to be pretty bad. they climbed up the ladder. after they were up you send up the scientist and the security guard. then james. as you step on the ladder you see what they were shooting at. thousands of the monsters and zombies are streaming out of the door. you feel yourself going up. the ladder was being retracted. as it goes up the zombies arrive at your location. but they are too late, their fingertips brushing your boots. you shoot your machinegun into the crowd blankly, randomly shooting zombies in the head. before theladder was all the way up a lot of hands grab your arm and pull you up. the scientist taps a few keys and the hatch closes. the marines pile crates and things on it. you see a mechanic. obviously the guy who opened the hatch and saved the lives of about ten to fifteen men. you seem to be the highest ranking man still alive in their company. one asks "what do we do sir?"

Written by unit 52

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