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quick, run!

you go for the door but it is locked. then with startling speed it flys open. a marine rushes in. glad to see him you lower your weapon. "thank god... the scientist... he turned... had to kill him. the three of you turn when you hear the elevator doors open. out steps a Z-sec security guard. exept he had blood leaking out of his mask. the marine points his gun and shoots the zombie. after a whole clip and a few shotgun rounds he goes down. james tuns to you and says "we got to go. sounds as if the entire base is engaged." you nod and take off twords the elevator. after you and your two friends step on the elevator you punch the button. the doors whoosh shut and it begins its decent. the second those doors open you would be ready. then it slows to a stop. you point your gun and slowly walk out. the lights are out so you pull out your flashlight. as you head down the stairs you hear a groan. you go slowly and when you reach the bottom you hear another groan to your left. you turn and see a pair of arms reaching out of the shadows. it is too late to pull out your gun, so you drop your flashlight and punch it. as hard as you can you knock the zombie off the platform. it falls into the near- bottomless hole below you. as it fallsyou the marine and james sprint twords the door. you punch in the code to lock it down as you go. when you reach the door the unknown marine goes first the door appears to be jammed. then a hand punches through the door and reaches for you. but james sticks hus shotgun through the door and fires. the thing behund it screams in agony and falls silent. you turn to the energy bridge and hit the "extend bridge" button. then a zombie that seemingly came out of nowhere bites your marine friend on the neck. you hit it in the face with the butt of your gun, but as you hit it, the things face slid off. the guy said he was fine and for you to continue on. you turn and run across the bridge after him. then a arm comes out of nowhere and hits him in the face. he goes sprawling. another z-sec zombie steps out and shoots him in the head. you instinctively shoot it to death. as you head through the door to the room behind him you hear a call of help. you look up and see a man in a blood stained lab coat hanging from the ledge. a zombie reaching twords him. the guy looks like he needs your help

Written by unit 52

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