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are we all alone?

you say "we need to find a place to set up a fortification." you move to the vents. but before you crouch down to go in, you turn and say to the mechanic "you gonna come with us?" he was going to say no. you could tell he was going to say no. he looked haunted. just like the scientist. in a panicky voice he says "no, you can't make me. this is the only safe place." you just shrug and crawl into the air duct. with the rest of the team behind you. you follow the vents to the aurmory. whitch happens to be directly across from marine command. you walk over to the door. it begins to open but it stops and shorts out. you hear the words "Video linkup requested..." you look over at a console next to the door. you tap a few keys and look at the screen. you see sarge come up. "Marine. I didn't know you were still alive. I-you have marines with you? Great! you need to contact bravo team. if they can get to you then there is a chance you can fight off these monsters.

Written by unit 52

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