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come out here and help.

you say "forget that, we have been through enough already. and now you want me to take the only marines that may still be alive on this base and take them to find a few squads of men who, on the other side of the base, are more than likely dead?? well, forget that. we are going to find a way off this rock and going to leave. you can come with us, or you can stay here and find them yourself." With that you close the vidlink on the shocked sargent. you look at the men. each one looks as if they had seen hell. this area has not yet been compromised. if you are to escape then you have to get to a radio and call for help. seeing that the door next to you had short circuited during the takeover, you will have to find another. Besides, you don't want to get anywhere near the now-hostile sarge.

Written by unit 52

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