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lets go.

you reply "we need to meet up with bravo team." you then walk over to the ventalation shaft you noticed earlier. you say "through here. I think this is a way out." you go in first. with the rest of the team following close behind. it seems that a wall of pipes overloaded and exploded. how lucky for you the mechanic decidd that the ventalation duct was the safest place. so you left him there. you then see through the grating a horrific sight, but keep moving. when you reach the end of the duct you let yourself hang down to touch the ground. then you walk out a little ways to see if the room is clear. it is a bad sight. the room has blood stains everywhere. there is a guy who never could even get out of his chair. another who got too close to one of the pipes that apparently were hit by stray bullets, and were now spurting fire. it was a mess. you continue on with james at your side and everyone else following behind. you hear a noise. you look down at the floor. bloody bootprints leading into a back office. you hear the radiio chatter of the undead. you then hear the whoosh of the office door opening. two z-sec zombies step out armed with machine guns. in an instant they are obliterated by the concentrated fire of the marines. you feel a little safer with guys like that watching your back. you go in the room behind the bullet riddled carcases. to your satisfaction you see the blue keycard to the locked door. you grab it and head back out.

Written by unit 52

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