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The not so perfect plan...

You think on it, but come up with nothing. "Darn it, theres no way to get there, the'll never stop until I give up trying to stop them making the cookies. This is a nightmare, I wish I'd never made those cookies in the first place."

What did you say," the vixen says, starting up. "I wish I'd never made.." you start, thinking of how wishing had gotten you into this mess in the first place. "No," she says, "Before that, you said, the'll only give up when you give up trying to stop the cookies, what if we make them think you've stopped?" "They won't beleive me if I just go out and say it. They would want proof, and the only way Sweets will beleive I've given up is when I'm hooked on those things as well."

Suddenly, the vixen gets up, and runs to the kitchen, taking out a cooking book, "I have an idea," she says, turning to a page containing a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. "What if, you never got out of the store? What if you hid in the cooler?" "What good would that do?" you ask, "The cooler is stocked full of cookie wolf cookies, it was even expanded when it started becoming to small for the shipments. You could have easily hidden there and not have been noticed by the mob, then, let's say they locked up for the weekend, and you were locked in." "But how will that solve..." "Wait, now, your stuck in a freezing cold cooler, with nothing to eat but the cookies your trying to stop..." she looks at you, and you finally see where she's going. "So, in order to keep from freezing and starving to death, I have to eat the cookies, then, someone finally finds me, I tell them the story, and say I've decided not to cancel the cookies!" "And we'll make it even more beleivable by taking the empty boxes that Harry has polished off, and filling them with safe cookies that you can eat while making your statement." "It's brilliant," you cry, thinking you've finally caught a break. "There's only one problem," the vixen says, taking a serious look upon her.

"It took Harry only 3 days to gain two hundred and forty pounds off of your cookies, and he only had limited access to them. To make this beleivable, your going to have to put on some major weight in the next three days." Your heart drops at that. The perfect plan until that point. And you can't think of another one that will work, but can you really put on 300+ pounds in three days? And even more important, are you willing to take a hit for the city?

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