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As mobile as wood.

Before you can come to a decision, you hear a groan, and look to see Harry pushing himself up into a sitting position, his massive body filling up the couch almost fully. As if by instinct, he grabs another handful of cookies and starts shoveling them into his mouth ike a brain starved zombie. "See how bad things are?" says the Vixen, looking at you pleadingly for your complaince. Your about to give in when suddenly, the sound of franting munching stops. "Ohhhhhh." you hear, and both you and the vixen turn to see Harry, stopped in mid-munch, clutching his stomach, or what he can reach, moaning, "So... full..." he groans, but still his hand reaches for another cookie, lifting it to his mouth. Suddenly, he stops, and the cookie drops, bouncing off his stomach to fall to the floor. The look in Harry's eyes tells you that what he is experiancing at the moment is nothing less then total shock. A tremendous grumbling sound filles the room, the origin: Harry's stomach. "What's happening!?" Harry says, anxiety in his voice as he clutches his belly, which is visibly shaking from the intensity of its growls. Suddenly, he seems to begin to grow, then you realize that Harry was rising to his feet, the movement of that much mass seeming to cause him to visibly swell. You can't help but question how the heck his muscles could stand bearing that much weight. Suddenly you hear the sound of splintering wood, "The floor must be giving out, HARRY sit back down!" yells the vixen, rushing forward, but stopping short in case the floor collapsed. "I... I CAN'T" yells Harry, and suddenly gives a tremendous groan. His arms begin to lift, as Harry reluctantly was force to let go of his quivering bulk and raises them high above his head. "I... can't... move," he groaned, and you get the suspision that Harrey may have just reached the breaking point, something had to give. The sound of tearing cloth seems to comfirm your suspisions, as Harrys shorts split at the seams, his shirt also, leaving the blob of a fox clad in nothing, his saving grace being his fat covered anything indecent.

You had to admite, the fox looked really sick, green almost. In facgt very green. As you watched, the fox began turning a vivid shade of moss green. "h...help.." he cried, as his form seemed to swell. The sound of breaking wood became louder, but you see no sign of the floor giving.

Suddenly, you see the fox's form begin to twist, his emmense legs spreading wider, his skin turning brown and green. His entire body in fact, began to turn the same shade, becoming more solid. You jump, as his his fingers sudenly begin extending, , and as you watch, his toes too. You are amazed, as branches begin to form, pushing upwards intil they touch the ceiling. His toes burrow into the ground, as his feet become planted, becoming thick roots, his entire body hardens, taking the definate appearance of wood, until all thats left is a huge tree resembling the once fox, his massive torso now a swollen trunk. "HARRY" screams the Vixen, running to embrace her husband, throwing her arms around the wooden 'belly' of the tree.

Something tells you, you definatly want to stay away from those cookies.

Written by an anonymous author

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