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The Vixen weeps, pounding on the trunk of the tree, while you wonder what the heck caused him to transform into a tree.

"Tis simple," you hear a voice say, and you jump as you see a familiar green shimmer in front of you as the leprachaun materializes in front of you. "You did this!" you yell at him, and the vixen turns, her eyes going wide in amazement at the sight of the strange floating little man. "Hold ya horses lad, I did nothing, if anything this is yer fault for usin me grandmas sauce." Heflies over to Harry, knocking on the trunk, the sound revercerating through it, "Quite solid, isn't he?" he says laughingly, "This is what happens when mortals eat to much of what tis meant for immortals, their not immortal, so they become the closest thing to immortal that they can, once their big enough," he sayd, patting the oversized bulde in the trunk.

"What is he talking about?" sayd the vixen, looking at you accusingly. "Well, you see..." you say, sweating slightly as you recount what happened, in which the vixen practically leaps on you, ready to beat you to a pulp. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" she yells, "BECAUSE OF YOU, HARREY IS DEAD!"

"Quite the contrary, he's quite alive, lass" says the leprachaun, "Will probably live a few hundred years in that condition," All he earns is an acid stare from the vixen.

"Is their any way to reverse this?" you ask?

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