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Splitting up...

"What we be needin here is an old recipe me dear old grandma would cook up whenever someone woke up feeling poorly," says the Leprachan, still examining the tree with mild amusement, "Her cure-all stew will have the fella back on his feet in no time."

"Great, can we have some?" you say, glad to here there was some form of antidote. But the Leprachan gives you a look that lets you know the answer, "Are ya daft boy? After last time? Me Gran has forbidden me for setting foot in her kitchen again, let alone cooking up another of her secret recipes."

"Well, there has to be some way, can't one of us ask?" says the Vixen, desperate for an answer, "We have to fix this, if this goes on, everyone is going to end up like Harry."

"Well, I suppose I could take one of you along, Gran may listen to one of you, but I doubt she'll be doing anymore favors unless she gets her secret sauce back." the Leprachan says, looking at you.

"We don't have that much time, if Harry has just changed, who knows how much time the rest of the city has!" says the Vixen. "One of us has to go negotiate, the other will have to get to the factory and get that sauce for trade."

You nod in understanding, thinking quickly on the best corse of action, you finally say...

Written by Spots

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