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Look out!

You remember that on eBay you once found a full body fat suit, and you use the computer to order it. It will be there in a few days, fixing the problem of weight gain. You also try to get Harry, the bloated fox, to stop with the cookie eating. After some debating, he gets up and, after you called him a fatass with an eating problem, he doesn't look too happy. He grabs a box of cookies and slowly walks over to you. He falls on you! He says "Well... wheeze... if you...gasp... want to stop making...sigh...these...try them... yourself!"

With his bulk on you, you can't move and can barely breathe. When you gasp for air, he tries to shove one in your mouth, but you bat it away toward the kitchen. Just then, your vixen friend comes in after a jog and is panting healivy. Before you can tell her to look out, the cookie lands in her mouth! She becomes a cookie fiend too and slowly, she loses grip on her self control and yells "I NEED MORE!!!"

After a few hours, she has gained around 35 pounds and is growing. Now, not only do you have no one to make real cookies for your attempt at the factory, you have two cookie addicts in the house who want to stop you! You hide out for a few days in a locked room and when your suit arrives, you run to the door. Amazingly, the vixen is even bigger than her husband by now! They know that they can force you to crave the cookies too. It's only a matter of time...

Written by Talbain

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