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Come with me if you want to live...

As you attempt to control your labour breathing from the hard run, you hear the doors burst open and the mob searches through the store for you. You hold your breath, hoping that the vegtable your buried in inspires enough fear to keep them away. Thankfully, no one looks, and you hear them moving on to another room to continue their search. Just as you are about to climb out and attempt an escape, you hear the door open again. You hold your breath as you hear footsteps approaching. Sweet pours down your face, as you hear them stop right by the box. Your start to scream as you feel the patch of broccoli covering your face lift up, only to have it quelled by a slim hand. It's the Vixen from before! "Come with me if you want to live!" yshe says quickly, pulling you out of the pile. "What...?" you begin, but she shoves you into a large shopping cart, "No, time, just get as small as you can and be quiet!" She begins throwing large bags of dog food a top of you, before long, covering you completely. She then starts wheeling you through the store. You can hear other people still searching for you. When ou arrive at the checkout counter, you hold your breath, hoping they wouldn't lift the bags out of the cart. You stifle a sigh of relief as you hear the beep of the register as they use the removable tags on the bag to read the prices. Soon you are wheeled out of the store and to a van. The Vixen quickly loads the bags in, indicating you to get in quickly before she slams the back closed. She drives away, heading into the residential district.

When both of you are safely in and away from prying eyes, she specks to you. "I heard the loud speackers, I want to help you," she says. "Why, you say, then remember the obese fox she had tried to stop." She leads you into another room, and creeks the door open. You see the gigantic fox sprawled on a couch, bulging out of clothes half his size, snoozing, his mouth half full of cookies still. "My husband hasn't stopped eating your cookies since he tried them. Everyday, he's finding it harder and harder to move. Sooner or later he's going to immobilize himself, and I'm afraid he's going to have a heart attack, or just explode if he doesn't stop. I can't keep him from his cookies, he's just started having them dilivered to him! You need to stop them from making more, or I'll lose him!"

"I't not going to be easy," you say, "You saw what happened, everyone is out to get me, if I set foot outside, I'll be a prime target." You have no idea what to do, with everyone huning for you, there no way you'll be able to get into the plant, and by now, Sweets will have had the place locked down to keep you from getting there, what are you going to do?

Written by an anonymous author

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