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Damn geanie!

The next day your large jiggleing boobs andr back to a C cup and your udder is compleetly empty. You go to work and they ask you where you have been, you just tell then that you had mono and move on. that night you goe home and eat a large dinner. as expecter a few minutes latter you udder starts to fill with milk. You undo your pants so that it can slop out. But suddenly something else happenes. you hear a snake and your bra give out. you boobs bousnce and begin to fill with milk to...This never happened before! It was that stupid gienie..he did this when he pretended to make you pregnant. you boobs now act the exact same way your udder does.. you sware under your breath, and try to take your top off before it rips. to late. your chest has gotten so big that it is streched to its limit. you can see your now huge nipples poking out, you touch them and it sends a shive of pleasure through your body. your boobs rech D+ cup size and your shirt rips down the middle. you almost forgot your udder! you look past you huge chest and see that your udder is already the size of a beach ball. you stand up with much effort and bounce you way to the bathroom so that Jim can milk you when he gets home. Suddenly your boobs start to accelerate in grothe. in less than 1 min they are the size of beach balls. but than they stop growing.. they become very ferm and tight.. it is painful. but also very very pleasurable. you see you nipples forced bigger and than they suddenly begin to erroupt with warm milk. you feel you boobs and see that this is because the skin is pulled extreemly tight, the skin is semi transparent, you can see your boob vaines. "oHHH!!! IT HURTS!!" you say out loud "their are going to explode. I guess you boob skin is not nearly as strechable as you udder's( beenthe size of a room in a hous!). You see that there is now a steady streem of warm milk now erroupitng from you nipples and trickling down you boobs. You gasp in pure ecstasy.."OHHHHHH!!!! you yell" you take a quick glace at you udder, it has slopped into the bathtub and has filled it up..but the skin is not tight and your not in pain...but your boobs! You star to screem in a mixed emotion of ecstasy and pain as you boobs attemt to fill more and more. The combined pleasure of your huge udder between your legs and you massive boobs makes you begin to swet, and your heart starts raising, iIt has pushed you into the biggest orgasim of your life! you Boobs keep getting slightly bigger as the skin painfully streches, you feel you swetty boobs, they feel as hard as rock. and are almost as firm, they are just a little bigger than a bch ball now, and there is a steady steem of warm milk running down you boobs onto you body onto your udder. "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!! YYYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" you screem. you feel yourself all over your nice skinny swetty boby. your feel very wet right beneeth your udder, you feel down there. your woman-hood has swolen and is all wet and juicy. You can barly controlly yourself, you are in compleet ecstasy! You udder which has now filled the bathtub is now pushing you aginst the oposit wall. you keep screeming, and swetting,a dn leaking all over the place, you feel like you have no control. your tini body feels crushed beneeth you masive boobs. you anre pushed ontop of the sink and the taps turn on. than you hear a crack and the tap bakes off. you feel the nice cool water spraying on you sexy ass. Than you are pushed farther against the wall, and you butt falls into the skink. but as you fall the brocken tap that is shooting water staingt up in the air gets shoved into your butt hole. you suddenly feel a great gush of coolness enter your bodey, you can feel the water rushing into your body. you look down and see your belly fillu=ing quickly with water! you try to remove the tap from your ass but your in so much sexualy ecstasy taht you just end up yelling, "OOOOHHHHHHH YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! STOPPPPP!!!!!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO< OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! JIMM!!! HELLLPPPP! ME!!

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