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Jim to the rescue

Just than your heer the door open and you yell down "help me jim!"

he rushes up stairs and pushes you off the sink. you feel relif as the flow of watter stops goin into your ass. But your boobs are still overflowing with milk. jim walks over to you and feels your boobs..he frowns and say..."we will have to use the milking mashine on these" He walks away and comes back with a super brest pump. he hooks it to each of your bursting nipples and turns it on.you instantly feel so much better...you stop panaking as you see your boobs slowly deflate. he detaches you boobs once they are small enough for you to milk on your own..that he attaches the pump to your udder which is now the size of a van.

as you udder is pleasuabley being sucked dry.. you lean over the toilet and milk you boobs...you squeese each nipple one at a time and each time a squrt of warm milk comes out...Jim walks over to you and says "let me help you there." he grabs you nipples and beings to squeese. His smooth fingers massage you boobs,..and you are lost in pure extacy...due to the pleasure of you tits being massaged and you udder bing suck dry.

several very pleasurable hours latter you are lieing in bed with jim. you boobs are now back to their original size and you udder is currently the size of a soccer ball (you left this size because it feels nice when jim feels you up). you let out a loud sigh of pleasure, and smile at jim..that you both dift off to sleep.

Written by ZIG

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