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One day it happens you female genitalia begin to have horible cramps and your stomach finally stops growing. Jim rushes you you side... "now remember just keep pushing..ok" "Ohh !! ...Yes OhhH! honny" you say through the pain and pleasure that you are feeling. you push and push but nothing comes out your uddera and boobs are masive as is you stomach: your boobs are each the size of large beach balls your udder is the size of a small car, and your stomach is the size of a mini van! you screem "MILK ME, IM GOING TO EXPLODE!" "help Please jim!" jim nods and grabs one of your massive boobs..and pinches the massive nipple. Than he does the other. he releaces just enought milk so that you are comfortable. than he move to you udder. suddenly you feel a huge whoosh noise! your stomch start to shink quickly , there are no words for the pleasure you feel. suddenly it stops. you relize that your stomach is back to the way it was 9 months ago, nice and slim. You feel disapointed you didn't give birth to any babie at all...and now your left with 2 beach ball sized boobs and an udder the size of your car. Suddenly you hear a laugh..and that damn gienie appears. "Why didn't i give birth" you ask. "because you only wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnany! HA!" and with that the gienie disapears. you begin to cry and Jim come over to comfort you.. "I know what will make you feel better" he says and he starts to milk your bobbs and udder. you suddenly feel alot beetter..i mean you havent lost anything! you engoy another very sexualy night as Jim gently miks you boobs and udder....

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