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Diablo 2

You pray for anyone, anything to save you.

With amazing suddenness, your prayers are answered. An arrow flies through the air and smites the demon deer. You turn to see a beautiful amazon. She says, "What are you doing in this dangerous land without armor? Identify yourself."

"I'm a tabloid reporter", you begin, "and..."

Her gasp cuts off your explanation, and her darkening expression makes you hope that that's all she cuts off. "A reporter? Are you a servant of Diablo?"

"No, no", you stammer. "I was just in that castle and..."

"Ah!", she says, "The castle of Bathory. She was a servant of Diablo who created a hole in the fabric of existence. Now many beings are taken here. Including that Ash kid. I am Kastrolina."

"Where am I, Kastrolina?"

"Call Me Kas. You are in the Rogue Encampment, and before you ask, you will be returned home when the power of Diablo is broken. To aid in that cause, you will require armor, for power and protection."

"Okay", you reply, not so much because you understand as much as having an armored suit between you and any more monsters seems like a really good idea about now. As you walk what Kas tells you is the armory, you see an armored figure wearing a ... a Pokemon League hat? ... accompanied by a small Paladin who seems to have a lightning bolt-shaped tail.

You decide not to ask. No matter how you look at it, you really don't want to know.

You arrive at the armory and stand amazed at the asortment of armored suits before you. "Choose thine armor", Kas instructs you. "Paladin, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Archer, or Barbarian. Each has its own powers and weaknesses. Fron these five choices decide. There is nothing else."

You think, and choose ...

Written by Lord Mitchell (i upgraded okay) (edited by wanderer)

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