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The Holy Warrior

You say, "These armors give me the power of whatever I chose?" Kas nods. You respond, "Then I will be a Paladin, the holy warrior." Kas nods her approval. You put on the armor of a paladin, and pick up a sword. You feel your strength increase. You also realize that you have learned magical abilities." Kas tells you, "A paladin has both magic and strength. You will learn more spells as you gain in level. To gain in level, defeat the minions of evil. Oh, and who are you going to adventure with?" You shrug. Kas laughs, "Not much of a preparer, are you? You have a few choices. You can journey with a group of paladins, journey with a balanced group, journey alone, or journey with a amazon." You think for a minute. You decide on ...

Written by Lord Mitchell

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