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Meet the gang.

You tell Kas that you will get a balanced group. She nods and shows you the location where they are.

Later, you are at the campfire with your group. You look at them. Shazalar, the necromancer. Barbaros, the barbarian. Soracia the Sorceress. And Sally, the amazon. You ask everyone, "Why do you fight Diablo? I must defeat him to return home." Barbaros answers, "He destroyed my village." Soracia says, "He plans to destroy the world. I must stop him. Not only that, but I am friends with the hero he now possesses. Kill Diablo, and you free the hero. What about you Shaz?" Shaz yells, "STOP CALLING ME SHAZ! And I want to take over the world. With Diablo around, I cannot do that." One of Shaz's skeleton minons nods. Sally reveals, "Diablo killed my best friend, Clumsy. We were a pair of amazon adventurers. She was a bit clumsy and ditzy, hence her name, but she was a good partner. We went to fight Diablo, and he killed her. He impaled her with a spear he had. She is dead. I just hope that Diablo lets her stay dead." A voice from behind says, "He didn't." Behind you all stands a amazon. She looks a bit ditzy, and her spear has handgrips. Her skin is pale. She is a zombie! Sally yells, "CLUMSY!" The zombie says, "Yep. I am here to kill you, so we can be partners again!" What will happen next?

Written by Lord Mitchell (edited by wanderer)

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