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The Battle of the Camp

Clumsy says, "Oh yeah, I forgot, Diablo gave me some minions because I'm a idiot or something like that. Behold, the Squad of Evil!" Five hundred skeletons and zombies appear behind her. Sally yells, "You all take the undead, I will fight Clumsy." You nod, and begin the battle. Shaz is sending his skeletons into the fray, and turning the defeated foes into his allies. Barbaros is attacking with his hammer, while Soracia uses elemental spells. You slay a zombie, and notice Sally has fallen on the ground. You throw your sword, and stab Clumsy through the heart. She falls to the ground, dead, again. Shaz says, "All the Skeletons are gone. We have won." You nod. The battle is over, for now.

Written by Lord Mitchell

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