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Taking an unmentioned option

Unwilling to limit yourself to a single ability, you manage to get them to help you create a class of your own.

Your choices are these, among others...

* The Grandmage. Wielding complex and fairly powerful magic, the Grandmage uses spells for all sorts of things. Skills: Necromancy, Healing, Elemental Magic, Sealing Magic, Enchanting. Magic Power: 6

* The Combat Mage. Wielding a sword with immense skill, The Combat Mage uses simple, but powerful magic. Skills: Swordsmanship, Basic Elemental Magic, Power Channeling. Magic Power: 8

* The Guardian. With immense power and great skill, The Guardian is capable of far more than any other, but also the one who is targeted first. Skills: Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Reactions, Superhuman Senses, Instinctive Skill, Great Adaptability, Shapeshifting, All Kinds Of Magic. Magic Power: Off the charts, Estimated to be roughly 729.

- Magic Power is measured in how many tails one would have as a kitsune.

Written by Ether

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