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Form follows fashion?

You quickly forget about the castle settling and start thinking about your wet clothes. If the research team left an artifact behind, then maybe someone left clothes behind, you think to yourself. Room to room you search, finding nothing but tattered shreds of cloth that, even if they were dry, would be less effective in keeping you warm than what you're already wearing.

Searching the last makeshift bath facility constructed for the research team, you find what you are looking for, A CLOTHES TRUNK! In a rush, you break the lock off with the wooden box, only to find that it is filled with a young woman's attire. Well, you think to yourself, it's either freeze to death or look like a drag queen for a day.

As you dig through the trunk, you shudder at the thought of what you're going to hear from your co-workers when you get back to the office. You find that the young woman packed nice clothes for a research scientist ... you find a very stretchy skirt, red sweater, black trenchcoat, corset, panty-hose, etc ... it doesn't take you long to pick out only those things you think will fit your masculine frame (not to mention keep you warm).

You strip to change and get a reminder of just how cold it is, your teeth chattering ferociously at the sudden rush of cold air. As you hurriedly don the dry clothes, you can feel warmth returning to your body. At first you find it hard to walk in the knee high boots, but as you search the rest of the castle for a means of communication you get used to them. You walk through a dark passage and have to brush your hair out of your face ... which is strange, because you have a crew cut. You walk to a mirror to examine the oddity and realize that your hair is past shoulder length, wavy, and golden brown. It is then that the changes start ... your skin becomes hairless and softer, more feminine. Further changes start at your face and work their way down. First your eyes turn a deep, arousing blue, and your face becomes that of a gorgeous young woman with full, pouty red lips. Then your frame follows suit ... your shoulders narrow, your arms become more slender, and your chest aches as full, perky breasts gently burst forth from where your hairy chest once was. The change continues its way downward, and you watch as your torso gets tucked in and your hips widen to create a perfect hourglass figure. Powerful arousals overcome you as your sexual identity is reversed and pulled inside. Your legs lengthen slightly and thin. Whatever force caused this has not, however forgotten about your clothes, or your libido ... these new clothes tighten around every new curve to reveal an extremly gorgeous young woman. Under other circumstances, you'd be having a good time looking at a body like this.

You can't stand it anymore ... it doesn't matter if, in your mind, you are a man, your new form is telling you otherwise ... and with these dangerous new curves you don't want to argue.

Written by Jamie (edited by wanderer)

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