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A Fire in the Dark

The nerd spots you rather quickly, and smirks at you. You recoil at his look, dropping the axe. He aims his dart gun at you, but before he can fire a voice rings out from nowhere:


With that, a spiraling tongue of flame roars out, separating you from the nerd and incinerating the dart he had shot just as the voice had called out. Both you and the creepy nerd turn to the side to see where the flame came from, and are met with quite the shock.

A man is standing there, his right arm outstretched with the tongue of flame roaring out from his hand. He is tall, at least 6 feet, and has red hair that spikes both up and down, one of the spikes hanging down to cover his left eye. He is wearing a red jacket over a black shirt and black pants, and has a firey gleam in his visible eye.

He drops his hand and the spiraling fire vanishes. He steps forward and glares at each of you in turn. "I'll bet you're wondering what's going on," he says, "well so am I. It's only fair that I answer first. I am Pyros, pyromancer extraordinaire. I came here on vacation and detected something unusual about this place which I have yet to pinpoint. Now it is your turn. This is how it will work: I will ask, you will answer. If you don't answer, you get incinerated." He charges a fire aura around his hand for emphasis. "Are we clear?" You and the nerd both nod. "Alright. What is your story? What is going on with you?"

The nerd trembles, but you quickly spit the whole story. About how your editor sent you here for a story, and you got caught in the rain, stupidly deciding to wear the dry female clothes instead, thus turning you into a girl, then this nerd guy attacking you and trying (and fortunately failing) to make you his 'love slave'.

Pyros hisses, then stalks over to you. "You. We're going to find you a cure," he says quietly, so that only you can hear, in a way that implies he's only helping you because he has nothing better to do. Pyros then turns to the nerd. "And as for you..." he snaps his fingers and a cage - made of fire! - springs up and traps the nerd. Pyros walks over to the cage and leans in close. "Now," he hisses, "Tell me everything you know."

Written by pyromancer

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