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Welcome home, Jennifer.

You hold still as the transformation takes place. Why fight it? You are now sexually and physically reversed - testosterone to estrogen. You feel no wanting to be a man anymore - though you may want a man of your own. You calmly and sensuously walk back to the exit of the manor, swinging your hips casually. This new walk is much more comfortable... and your breasts seem to offer you perfect balance. You feel your face lit with a slow smile... and you walk out of the manor without a second glance, back towards the nearby town.

In a pub, you soon chat up a man - called Joshua, he's VERY cute - a student researching the ruins. You tell him that you're a reporter, doing the same - and maybe he'd like to come round to your hotel room and share your... mutual interest. He seems eager to please. And so you return to your room, about 10 P.M, and feel what it's like to have sexual roles reversed in bed.

Joshua is a gentle, experienced lover - you make love many times, consummating your relationship in a frenzy, an orgy, of passion. Almost two hours later, you're both completely spent. You doze off... to find something quite startling happening when you awake.

Written by Lord Serpentide (edited by wanderer)

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