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Cutting the crap

You are about to try making another wish, when it hits you what this is. It shouldn't surprise you really, this is every Saturday mourning cartoon episode involving a genie.

"Okay, fine, here's my third wish," you say, "I wish for you to go back in the box exactly as you were before I opened it." You hold the open box in front of you. "Wait, what?" the Leprechaun says, the change in his tone evident.

"I wish for you to go back in the box as you were before. You heard me, you want to be a jack ass genie, then you can go back into the box like you were before."

There is a sudden gust of wind and green sparks fly off him, swirling back into the box. "N...now, just hold on a bit lad, let's be reasonable here!" he says as he starts getting pulled in. He grabs the banister of the stair as the suction increases, "I just got out, can't blame a guy of a little fun?"

"Not laughing," you say, and hold the box closer, "Not again!!!" yells the leprechaun as his form dissipates and swirls into the box, which snaps closed.

You look at yourself. Well, your still furry. And technically you are a werewolf, even if more moderate in size. Well, who needs a body builder physique anyway. And hey, you only just arrived and found out the castle has magic in it for real. Big plus for your story. Now, what else is going on in this place?

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