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Being a wolf comes with perks

You look around, tucking the box into your bag for safe keeping. You'll probably drop it in a well or something to keep it out of the wrong hands, though with the nature of the creature inside, it wouldn't turn out good for those hands either. Being a wolf seems to come with the enhanced senses, you're definitely picking up a lot more scents, and you hear mice in the walls as you pass.

You wonder where the box came from, so you decide to look upstairs, after all it did drop in front of you, only logical conclusion is it came from somewhere above. You head to the second level and follow the hallways, trying to pace out the position from the front entrance. It seems like the rooms are... smaller up here? You are sure the entryway was more spacious then the few room up here, storage rooms filled with old barrels and tools.

You then have an idea, and take a trowel, and begin tapping on the walls with it. You're no bat, (well, that may have also have been a good choice), but your wolf ears do pick up the echo as you walk down the hall, tapping periodically. Suddenly, the tone changes, indicating a change in the walls composition.

Aha! you think, and search that section of the wall. You find a hidden seam, where something ma have moved once before. Now all you need is some sort of mechanism... AHA, a torch bracket. You pull on it, and hear a satisfying click.

The wall swings open, revealing a hidden room. So you don't have the werwolf muscle, but your senses are nothing to sneeze at. Now what is in here?

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