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Animal nerds

You quickly call the leprechaun and make your second wish. "I wish to be a werewolf in my own time."

"Granted", answers the little green-clad man. Suddenly, you find yourself back in the castle. Then, so fast you can barely understand it, you start to grow fur ... your face becomes a snout ... your nails curve into claws. This is extremely cool, you think. You run into one of the bathrooms and look at your reflection.

You are shocked by what you see. Sure, you have the face, the claws, the fur ... but you're scrawny. You're a werewolf, no doubt about it, but you're an extremely short and thin werewolf. You don't have the extreme muscles or overbearing height. You look like a 98 pound weakling. Maybe your last wish can get you out of this.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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