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better werewolf

"you idiot you got it all wrong" you shouted at him "ok ok ok then tell me what a werewolf should be" said the Leprechaun "ok a werewolf is 7 and a half feet tall and with razor sharp claws and razor sharp teeth and is 3 times stronger then a ox and is 2 times faster then a normal wolf is and has more agility then 8 tigers got it" you explain to the leprechaun "ok ill get it right this time after all i feel sorry for doing it after all you did free me"so then the leprechaun waves his arms 3 times then snaps his fingers and then suddenly your muscles grew bigger and became more bulky and then you grew 7 feet tall and the bones become abit more of a wolf and then your tail became more strongier abit and then your shirt tore to shreds and your pants tore as well as your fur grew abit more and your fingers grew razor sharp claws and also you feet did the same then your feet became more like huge paws and the teeth grew sharper and then your senses grew better then ever and once the transformation stopped you looked at the mirror "this is more like it". As you show off your muscles at the mirror the leprechaun went in front of you "you still have 1 wish left so what will it be then my little wolf laddie". Then youve realised that which the leprechaun mentioned to you so you start thinking of what should you use your last wish.

Written by bladra

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