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|-| E |_ |_

You feel it, you feel it happening. No matter how much you don't want to believe it, it's happening right now. You are having a baby cow. As if being trapped in the body of a cow isn't bad enough. But you're still passed out, you're too tired to move, and you don't want to. Even though you are unconcious, you can still feel the farmer doing something with your body. You assume he's probably doing something to help the calve be born, but you don't even care.

You're in a dream. You feel it. The room is dark, you see nothing but yourself. Soon you realize, in your dream you're a human again! You look at your body, grateful even though you know it's a dream. You don't feel the pain from the childbirth anymore, you're completely cut off from the real world.

You see nothing. Everything is completely blank, the only thing here is you. Until when you turn around and see a sign. When you move closer you see it reads: Holy Grail

"We meet again." Someone says. You turn around again and see a woman. She's wearing full black clothes. "You know me by Lexica, no?" She says.

You try to speak, but nothing comes out of your mouth. Not even a moo.

"I'll show you everything." And then you see a flash, similar to the one you saw when you first became a cow.

You see the farm. All the animals going about their business. Except for one, you. You're laying on your side, and the farmer is doing something beside you. You realize that you're giving birth right now.

"I've done curses before, on horrible people who don't deserve to exist. But your curse is different." Lexica says.

"In fact, every single animal on this farm was once human. But don't bother talking or trying to relate to them though, their curses aren't as bad as your's. When they were transformed into an animal, they also took on the mind of that animal. But as you could tell, you kept a human mind throughout the whole thing. And you will keep it forever if you fail to make eye contact tonight. Notice how they are happy with what they are, and they do their jobs well,"

You now notice that the farmer is holding a baby cow. Your baby cow. The thing that caused you so much pain. The cow is covered in blood, laying in his arms.

"Having a human mind can be a curse, and a blessing. When a human has it they can do unbelievable things. But when an animal has it, it's basically torture for it. You are the first person to ever enter an animal's body without losing their human mind. Congratulations! You survived one and a half days, now you just have to switch bodies with the farmer, Simple." -Lexica

You see another flash and you're in the empty place again. The sign is still there.

"I'll show you what happens when you don't have a human mind."

Suddenly you are a cow again, staring at the sign. The sign reads:

Holy Grail

Suddenly you start to feel dizzy. It was getting hard to focus on the sign with each passing moment, your eyes decide to look at things around the sign rather than the sign itself, like it's not important

Holy Grail

You look at the words some more, you soon realize you don't have the ability to connect the letters anymore, they just look like markings on the sign.

Ho/\y/ G@/l

As far as you care, the letters don't exist

|- | o | y (=> |-- o\ l* |

And then you just don't care about the words anymore.

You wake up, back with a human mind in a cow's body. That was the strangest dream ever. You're in pain. But you're just happy that you got to sleep through your childbirth.

"Oh and one more thing, I gave your head a mental clock, so you'll always know what time it is. Just so that you will know when the spell is active." says Lexica, telepathically.

It's 11:30 PM. The spell will enact at 11:50 and last for ten minutes. You'll just have to make eye contact with a human to win.

You feel exhausted, you dont know if it's because of the birth or the dream. The sky is dark. You don't know where the farmer is. You realize something, you're still on your side. Laying down sideways on the ground. You try to get up, but it's impossible with your body's weight. You moo for help, but no one replies. You wonder where the baby cow is, although you can hardly see where anything is. You can see the pens across from you, the pig pen and the sheep pens.

2 of the 3 sheep are sleeping, while one is awake. About half of the pigs are sleeping. There's too many pigs to count, but you can assume about half are awake. You hear another cow mooing, which means at least one, besides you, is awake. You also hear the faint sound of chickens inside the barn. You see the light is on inside the barn, but you can't see enough to find out why.

"Oh Jennifer!" You are startled by the farmer's voice. He must've been behind you the whole time. You still hate being called Jennifer. "I forgot you were still laying on your side. You need to stand up so your baby can feed." He steps into your vision, and you see him staring down at you.

"Let me help you u-" He stops his sentence and flinches, as if he heard something. "Wait one second Jennifer! I have to go do something." And then he runs towards the barn.

You sigh, but then you remember: It's just a few more minutes until the curse is active, and then you'll get your body back. (Hopefully)

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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