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New Years Eve

You wake up in the morning, even though you don't remember falling asleep. You open your eyes and hope the entire day before was a dream. But it wasn't, you're still a big, fat, powerless female cow, trapped at a farm, with a human mind. You look to your side to see the other 7 cows are awake as well, and most of them are eating grass. You feel hungry again, as much as you try to deny it. The grass below you still looks just as disgusting as it did before, if not worse now that you know how it tastes. It wasn't getting better. You stare at the grass for a while until you finally give in and lean your head down to take a bite. Unsurprisingly, it still tastes disgusting. But you persevere, and take another bite.

You get 5 bites of the grass before you can't handle the taste. The dirt leaves an aftertaste, and since you don't have anything different to eat, you can't get rid of it. Suddenly, you see the farmer walk by your pen. You didn't even know where he came from. He's walking towards the barn, where the chickens are held. He's wearing the exact same clothes as he was yesterday. You almost feel bad that you were gonna steal his body tonight, but after he milked you yesterday, you feel no remorse.

You feel bored. You know you shouldn't considering you're in a brand new body, but you still feel it. You can't do anything. You only have a few feet of space to walk around, and that is painfully slow. The only way you can move your head is up and down, not left and right. You can't do anything except lay around in your 500 pound body that can't run to save it's life. Well you can do one thing, the only thing cows ever do. Graze. Just eat grass all day, to make themselves fatter and to produce more milk.

You see the farmer walk by again. Except this time he stops at your pen. Just yours, not any of the other cows. He walks in and just looks at you. You wonder what he's doing here, it's too early for you to be milked, and you haven't pooped yet. He puts his hand on your giant nose and says "Well Jennifer, the doctor said it would be today. New Years Eve, how sweet." You look at him confused, and then he starts talking again. "Yeah, it seems like only a year ago you and your sisters were born. And now you're having your own child."

... You freak out. As if being trapped in a cow's body wasn't enough, but a pregnant cow? In fact a pregnant cow that's supposed to be going into labor TODAY? Lexica was right, this was horrible. But you can't do anything about it now, except pray that the child comes a day late and you won't have to go through cow childbirth. Any doubt that  you would ever want to stay in this pathetic, useless body is abolished. You vow that you will manage to make eye contact with the farmer tonight, and you will end this all while in a human body, not a cow.

The farmer is still looking at you. You make eye contact with him, hoping the spell will work already. It doesn't, so you'll have to wait until 11:50 PM to make eye contact with him. You suddenly feel strange, inside your body. You pray to yourself that it's not what you think it is. You do not want to have a baby, at least not a baby cow! And then you feel something else, your water breaks. You panic as you realize what's happening. You try to do anything you can to avoid this. You move every stiff muscle in your overweight body. But you can't do anything. You're gonna give birth soon. So there's one more thing you can do, your human mind shuts down. And you pass out onto the ground.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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