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Tick Tick Tick

11:35 PM

15 minutes left. You're still laying on your side and can't move at all. The farmer's still gone, he's been for a while. You start to worry that you may not be able to get eye contact with the farmer. You feel something behind you, but you can't turn to see it. A few seconds later you feel it move farther down, you wonder what it is.

Eventually it makes it all the way around you. When it walks in front of your eyes you see it's a baby cow. It looks almost exactly like the other cows, including you, except a lot smaller. It has an udder, a small one. You assume the cow must be "your" baby. You are grateful you got to be unconcious through the birth, even if your dream was weird. The baby cow is gone from your vision now, but you still feel her at your side. She knows how to be a cow better than you do.

11:44 PM

The farmer is still gone, and there's only 6 minutes left until the spell enacts. You are very worried about being able to make eye contact. The light in the barn is still on, so you know he's got to be in there. It's New Years Eve so he can't be asleep, what is he doing? Does he know about the curse? Most of the animals are asleep, besides one sheep, a couple pigs, you hear a cow mooing you can't hear, and you also hear a lot of chickens. Of course you and the baby cow are awake as well.

You're hungry, you haven't eaten since this morning. At this point you wouldn't even mind the grass, you were starving. But of course, that idiot farmer left you laying on your side. You can't get up, or even move anything. It's quiet, all you can hear is the baby cow walking, and the other cow mooing. You're very worried about the farmer, what if you can't get his eye contact?

11:47 PM

"Where the hell is this farmer?" You mumble in your head. He's still gone. He just disapeared into the barn. You summon all the strength left in your legs and try to stand up. It doesn't work, you must weigh at least 300 pounds, and your legs are hardly enough for you to walk on. But you keep trying, your legs wander in the air like a baby kicking at the ceiling. The baby cow is still poking around the pen, probably enjoying life a lot more than you are right now.

You hear something. The farmer yelling something, you can't quite tell what he said but you know it came from the barn, hopefully he's coming out soon. 3 minutes left.

11:50 PM

It's happening. You feel the spell go through your body. You can switch bodies with anything through eye contact. You want to test if it works but you don't want to waste your chance by just messing around. You need the farmer to walk out right now.

As if answering your prayers, you see the barn door open. The farmer walks out. There's only one problem, he has his back turned to you! You can't see his eyes. If you let him escape you may not get a chance to steal his body. He's staring at the pigs in the pen.

You may have to do a few things before you can make eye contact with him. He's walking out of the barn, where the chickens are being held, whilst also staring at the pigs.

You can see a pig's eyes, a pig who's already making eye contact with the farmer. You remember what Lexica said, you can switch bodies with ANYTHING. Which means you can make eye contact with an animal, and then when you're that animal, make eye contact with the farmer.

The farmer is walking out of the barn, there are several chickens in the barn that you can see. Perhaps if you switch with one of them you can switch with the farmer.

The farmer is also looking at the pigpen, you could switch with one of the pigs and switch with him. But there's one more thing, you can see the direction in which the farmer is walking. He's walking towards you, the cow.

What do you do?

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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