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Make another wish

You think for a while about your next wish. Lvaria is in front of you, despite you are a dragon now, she is still above your head. You look back at your body, now completely transformed, you see your girth is now almost 6 feet, you feel like you weigh thousands as much as you did before. You finally come up with your wish, you move your head to see Lvaria has her fingers crossed. You are confused why her fingers are crossed. When you finally say your wish, all that comes out of your mouth are grunts and growls. Lvaria's eyes get big when she hears what you said, as your would if you could. You panic and try talking again, but all you say are distorted grunts and growls. You hear Lvaria say "No! NONONONO! Come on! Please be joking! Of course I screwed up my first one! Dang it!" You look at her confused, still trying your best to talk to no avail. She's panicking as she says "I'm so stupid! I can guess what you're saying but that isn't enough for the magic to work! Okay Liz don't panic, this can be fixxed." You give up on trying to talk to her, and feel mad at her. You don't want to be unable to speak for the rest of your life! You don't even want to be a dragon for the rest of your life, you only wanted it for a little while to test the wishes! Lvaria is still mumbling words you can't quite hear through your dragon ears. She then says "I hoped you would be able to talk when you wished to be in a warm place, but I guess that only worked because your transformation wasn't over! Ugh I'm so stupid! Okay new friend I didn't catch the name of, we are gonna have to go on a small quest to see someone who can create their own wishes." You still feel mad at her, out of instinct you open your mouth while looking at her, and you then realize what the second airpipe is for.You feel something rush up your throat, it feels strangely tingly. You assume you are about to have fire come out of your mouth. But when it makes it all the way up all that comes out of your mouth is a small puff of smoke. Lvaria coughs at the smoke and says:

"Ok that one isn't on me. Do you realize it takes baby dragons years to learn how to breathe fire, and fly? Since you just entered this body you were never trained how to do those things. You can't just emerge in another being's body and immediately expect to know how to use it! Of course that also means you won't know how to fly, and a few other select things." You look down at the ground, thinking about what just happened. You aren't feeling any of the joy you expected while being a dragon. Right now you just wanted to be a human again and rethink your wishes while you had them. You look up at Lvaria, she says "Luckily this is closer to my friend than that castle was. Although it'll still be hard to move a dragon that far without flying. Who knows? Maybe you do know how to fly? I do know how to operate a dragon's body, I may be able to help you. Or we may just have to walk there." You look on your back and see your new wings, now that you know how heavy and big a dragon is, you wonder how those wings will possibly hold you up in the air. You don't want to give up on flying, you spread your wings and start flapping. You don't rise at all, you try slowing down, no difference. You try to jump but your weight it too much to lift no matter how hard you try. You hear Lvaria chuckle and you feel humiliated. You hear her say "We may have to work on that if you want to try getting to my friend that way, but you may have to practice walking first before we want to fly. Since this is kinda my fault I will try my best to help, but I don't know how I can help you without me being a dragon as well." She begins to pace in circles, it is hard to keep her in your eyesight because you have to move your entire head. She finally says """Well, I can't exactly bring Abraxus to you, for her personal reasons. But if I go to her by myself and have her turn ME into a dragon, and I come back, I can help take you to her. However that would mean me leaving you alone for a while, that would mean you may not know what to do if you get hungry, or if a dragonhunter comes across you, you may get yourself hurt.""" She looks at somethingon her wrist and makes a straight face.

She says "Stay safe, sorry for not asking your name, and for accidentally screwing you over. I swear I'll rush and come back as fast as I can. Just don't get yourself killed." And before you have a chance to respond she is gone.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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