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I wish to be a dragon p2

You wake up, feeling strange. Your body is still the same as it was before you passed out, your transformation hasn't finished yet, but you feel something different inside your body. But there's no time to think about iit now as the transformation is starting again. Your nose is still growing, right now it's covered about a quarter of your vision and still growing. You look down at your feet and see they look rough, dry, and wrrinkly, they also seem to have lost some of their skin color, it's only a matter of time until you see the same happening to your hands. Your mouth begins to feel strange, you feel it with your demented hands and see it's starting to grow to match your nose. You feel your teeth with your tongue, they are starting to change shape, they feel sharper and pointier. You don't have much time to feel your teeth before your tongue starts to change too, it begins to feel thin yet pointy. You look at your feet again and see the dry skin begin to change color, you can't tell if it's turning green or blue, it's hard to see anything with your giant nose. You feel sharp pain on your back, you look behind you to see something trying to grow through your skin above your buttocks. You feel extreme pain when you feel it successfully burst through your skin, you know immediately that that'll be your tail. You look at it, right now it looks small and pointy but you can see it's still growing. You feel your nose and mouth stop growing, it's blocking almost half of your eyesight.

You hear someone Lvaria say "I hope you don't mind, but I made your dragon body in a way that you won't forget your human mind. You will keep your human mind and memories so that the rest of your wishes don't be forgotten." You look at her and nod, you are in too much pain to talk. You're looking at her, but then see starts to look different colors, but just her, nothing else around her, it's almost as if you have x-ray vision and you can see inside her body. Your eyes start to feel funny and you realize your eyes must be changing to dragon eyes. Lvaria starts to look like she has a red tone, you quickly realize you are seeing her body heat. Lvaria, as if reading your mind, says "Don't worry, you'll still be able to see light visible to humans, you'll just also be able to see infrared." You look down at your feet again and see they are now completely covered in green scales, and you see the same start on your hands. You look behind you again and see the tail is still growing, it is now about a foot and a half long, you wonder how long it'll stop at. You begin to feel pain inside your entire body, as if all your organs are moving around. You feel something inside you rip apart, and you realize your anatomy is changing. You feel stuff move around inside your body, you wonder how you are still alive. You feel an insane amount of pain in your throat, so much that you can't even stand up, you fall on all fours as you feel your breathing tube inside your body split. It soon feels as if your breathing tube (that supplies you with air) had split in half and reformed, you feel like you have 2 tubes now, but's it's still hard to breathe.

Still on all fours, in pain from what's happening inside your body, you look at your legs and see the dry and rough skin is moving up them, the scales are spreading. You try to stand up but the pain keeps getting worse the more you try, you eventually give up and stay on all fours. You look down inbetween your hands and legs and see your tail still growing, it looks almost 3 feet long now. Your arms and legs begin to feel numb, you can't bend your knees or elbows. As you watch the scales creep up your arms and legs you see that they are getting shorter. Your arms (Or technically they are your front legs now) begin to bend completely straight and start shrinking. After a few seconds your arms and legs are only a foot long and have no elbows or knees. You look at them and see they are starting to widen as the scales continue to creep up them, they look like they are 6 inches wide now. You look between your four stubby legs and see your tail still growing, since your legs got shorter you can't even see the end of your tail anymore! You put your head up and try to stand up again, but between the tail growing and the stubby legs you are unable to make yourself stand, you are stuck on four legs. Your head still up, you look forward at Lvaria, you panic when you see she is now taller than you are, she says "I promise you still have some volume to grow." And you immediately start to feel your head higher, you feel your neck growing. Suddenly you feel something else inside your body move, and you start to feel cold. You look under your legs at your chest, it has about the same amount of body heat as Lvaria, but then it starts to lose body heat, after a few minutes it is completely gone and you start to feel cold.

You start to feel your weight increase, you try to look at your back but you can't, so you feel your back starting to grow, along with your chest, your hips, and basically everything in the central part of your body. The weight is definitely more than any human could ever possess, you see now why your legs needed to be so stubby. You look again at the scales spreading down your legs and see that your legs are now completely covered, and it's now spreading up your torso. You feel your neck still growing, but you can't quit bend it yet. You start to feel sharp pain in your eyes and you immediately close them tightly. When you open your eyes you can't move them at all, your vision is now focused at the center of your sight, you can't focus anywhere else in your sight except the center. You can't move your pupils seperate from your eyes, and you can't move your eyes seperate from your entire head, so you have to move your entire head to change what you're looking at, even if it's in your sight, everything else in your vision is blurry. You feel your neck stop growing, it feels almost 3 feet long, not that you can see it. You feel yourself still gaining weight on your waist, and your organs growing along with it. It is now easier to breathe, but you still feel 2 air pipes, you are confused why. With your new neck you can finally see your tail, it seems to have stopped growing when it reached 5 feet in length. You don't know whether to cry or smile when you see it, you soon discover you can't do either anymore.

You start to feel the weight on your chest burst through your clothes, you almost forgot you were wearing clothes. You move your head to look at the ripped up clothes on the ground, they are destroyed beyond repair, you hope that you won't emerge naked if you wish to be human again. You hear Lvaria say "Almost over." You can't tell where her voice is coming from because of your pointed ears. You look down between your legs where the clothes used to be, under them the green scales were growing rapidly, they have completely covered your torso, and are now spreading up your neck. The only place without the scales is a strange elliptical area on your chest, the ellipse is white, you can't feel it but you can assume it is easier to rip through than the scales, it almost looks like it has fur on it, but you know it doesn't because you feel so cold. Reminded of the cold, you then realize how cold it actually is out here, it was already freezing when you were human, but now that you have no body heat, it's much worse, you feel like you're about to get frostbite if you don't do anything quick. You feel the scales almost reaching your head, anything that you thought would be enjoyable about being a dragon was demolished from the cold. You don't shiver but your movement feels slowed. You whisper, which right now is as loud as you can talk "I... I wish.... to be in a warm place." You say it so quietly that you can't even hear yourself talk, you don't even know if Lvaria heard or understood you.

Suddenly the cold is gone, and you open your eyes to see yourself in a grassy plain. It is now daytime and you don't feel very cold anymore. Lvaria is in front of you, she says "It's not cold anymore, but there isn't much around here. Is there anywhere else you would like to go?" You look around and see there indeed isn't much that would be interesting around, you think about what dragons do. You have no idea.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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