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I wish to be a dragon

You look Lvaria in the eyes and say "I wish to be a dragon." She replies with "Your wish is my command."

You see a sudden flash, you are then alone on the tower. You are confused when you see you are still human, until you feel a sharp pain inside your body. You scream in agony as you realize you are about to become a dragon. Your feet suddenly feel numb, you try to move them but you can't. You feel your feet moving, but not at your command, you look down and see that your big toes are moving closer to your second big toes, and the same for your two littlest toes. Your middle toes are alone in the center, as if you only have 3 toes on each foot. You freak out when you see your two biggest toes begin to fuse together, you know exactly what's happening. Your two biggest toes on each foot are soon fused to form a bigger single non-human looking toe, the nail on it begins to grow and curve. You see the same start happening to your two littlest toes, and it soon looks like you only have 3 toes on each foot, each with long and curved nails. Your hands begin to feel numb as well, and your thumbs begin to move closer to your index fingers, and the same happens with your pinky and ring finger. Your fingers begin to fuse, leaving you with 3 fingers on each hand as well. You try to bend your fingers and realize they now are unable to bend, none of your fingers or toes are opposable, you can't pick anything up anymore.

You suddenly feel extreme pain on the top of your head, you feel your ears with your deformed hands and they feel different, they feel more pointy and open than human ears. Still feeling your ears, you begin to feel them move, higher and higher up your head, until they reach the top of your head. When your ears stop moving you feel them again and they are now pointed and at the top of your head, you can't wiggle them anymore. Your head continues to hurt as you look at your feet again and see they now have claws, as well as your hands. You feel more extreme pain in your back, more than the other times. You can do nothing but assume it's a tail. You begin to feel everything moving on your face. You begin to feel your skull change shape, your nose starts growing longer. You feel lightheaded as your nose gets longer and wider, it begins to reach the bottom of your vision and you can't do anything to stop seeing it. You start to feel something burst through the skin on your back, you know immediately that it's a tail. You look at your hand again and see the skin on it start to look rougher, it also feels drier. The dry and rough feel moves throughout your entire skin, except a small area on your chest. You feel a sudden tingle upon your entire body, and you pass out.

When you awake everything is different.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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