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Alone now

Lvaria is gone now, youi are now alone in the middle of the field of grass. You don't know how to fly or breathe fire, so you wonder what you can do. You look around, it takes a long time to see everything because you can't move your eyes. All you see around you is a nearby forest, and nothing else. It's still daytime, and relatively warm, although you still feel a little cold. You decide to go investigate the forest. it takes a while to walk there with four legs and multiple tons of weight. When you get closer you see all the trees are pinetrees, pinetrees are flammable. You don't see and hear any animals beside yourself, but you remind yourself that you can't hear or track noises as well anymore. You squeeze yourself inbetween trees, you don't want to knock over any trees. It isn't long until you feel you are stuck, you look back to see your 5 foot long tail is stuck on a tree, you try to pull it free but it won't budge. You walk over to the tree and push it over with your head, trying carefully not to make it fall down. You walk for a few more seconds when you hear a tree fall. BOOM! Since you aren't very well at tracking sound you look behind you, and see the tree you got stuck on was still standing, the tree must've been knocked over by something else. You think over what could possibly possess the power to knock over a tree, besides a dragon. You soon realize the only creature that could do that was a human, Lvaria warned you to stay out of sight of humans. Because you don't know how to fight as a dragon, you need to keep hidden.

You panic and walk as fast as you can back to the field where you came from, but it's tricky without knocking more trees over. You almost reach the grass when you feel your tail stuck again. You run over to the tree it's stuck on and move it over, but it seems you pushed it too hard. You look at the tree you just moved start to fall, it isn't until you hear the "BOOM!" that you remember to start running again. You hear am man yell "What? Another one?" You can't tell where the voice is coming from. You reach the grassy field, but right as you make it you hear the human say "Who is there? This is my land! You aren't allowed to chop down trees! I promise you I will find you." The voice is louder this time, you assume that means he's getting closer, but you still can't tell where it's coming from. You begin to run as fast as you can into the field, although you aren't very fast when on foot. You get about 10 feet away from the trees when you can't walk anymore. You hear the human yell "I can hear you, don't try to run!" You don't know what to do, there isn't much good in running, you get as low as you can and hope this guy is afraid of dragons. You look back at the forest and see something move, you know it's the guy who's looking for you. You look around, but there's still nothing, you don't even know where Lvaria went. You see something again in the forest, closer to you this time, he knows where you are. You hear him say "I know you are there, you may as well surrender, my axe is sharper than any sword." And then he walks out of the forest into the field and sees you.

He looks at you, his face is more shocked-looking than scared, you wanted him to be scared. He's wearing blue pants and a red shirt, he's holding an axe in both hands. The human says "Another one? I just saw one last month? Well I was hoping for some excitement today." He holds up his axe and runs at you. You feel fire rush up your throat again, but you know it won't mean much. You feel the fire reach your mouth and you open it, hoping more comes out than last time. You see a small fireball come out of your mouth, but it just falls to the ground before reaching the man. The man just smiles and says "That's all you have? Beast, I almost feel bad for doing this to you. But you are a beast and thus must be slain." He begins to walk towards you, you need to think of something fast. Your mouth is still open from the fire, so when he gets about 2 feet from you, you lean over to him and bite him. He takes the axe and slams it your mouth where your lips used to be after the attempt at biting him. You feel the area on your mouth begin to bleed, you don't know what else to do. You walk backwards but you are slower than him. You try to scratch him with your front left cla but he just hits you off with his axe. You look at him again and see his face is now confused, he must be used to dragons being able to fight. You can think of nothing to do but ram him with your head, when you try all you feel is the axehead on the top of your head. You feel sharp pain when you feel the axehead cut through your scales, you look back at everything when you realize you are about to die.

Suddenly you don't feel the axehead anymore, you lift your head up to see the man looking up at the sky. You look at the sky but before you even have a chance to look you can see it move, and you just see a purple blur. You hear something hit a tree, you look and see the man with the axe has been flung towards a tree by something.You realize exactly what happens when you hear a voice say "I told you not to hurt us!" And you know immediately that it's Lvaria. You finally get a look at what flung the man at the tree. It's a dragon, a purple dragon, who you know is Lvaria. She turns around and looks at you and says "You're lucky I was rushing or that guy would've killed you." She looks about the same as you do, except bright purple and a few inches bigger than you are. She looks at the cuts on your mouth and the top of your head and says "I guess we'll need to start from the top." You look at her and try to say "I know." Of course all that comes out of your mouth is a grunt. She quickly says "Sorry, but you'll still not be able to talk to me. You aren't capable of speaking human anymore and you don't know how to speak or understand draconic." She turns her head back to look at the man, you notice her neck moves a lot faster than yours does. She says "He's not dead, but he'll definitely not try to hurt you ever again." You then realize her wings are much bigger than yours, as she says "Now where do we start?"

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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