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Before you get a chance you explore the rest of your new owner's house, the mom walks in and picks you up, you were starting to get annoyed from being picked up so often and not being able to do anything but struggle, she says "You must be tired from all that playing with Maria." Was that playing?-You thought, it was more like just learning about your new body. She carries you back to the living room, and then through another hallway branching off, this time into a smaller white room, she sets you down and walks out of the small room, closing the door as she leaves. You look around the small room, there was a noise coming from what appeared to be the wall, after looking at the wall the noise was coming from, you realize it's not a wall, but a giant washing machine, and there was a dryer beside it. You were trapped in the washing room! There was a doggy bed in the room, you assume you were supposed to sleep in it until morning. Again with the mind and body at war, your puppy body needed some sleep but your human mind was perfectly awake. You stood on the doggy bed, confused on how to sleep as a dog, you simply fell on your side, but you couldn't sleep. After struggling to get back up, you saw another flash, just like the one when you appeared in the pet store. After, you were still trapped in the laundry room, before getting a chance to look around, you hear someone say "Enjoying your new life?" You knew it must be Vakoligan. You stumbled over to him, and didn't even bother trying to talk, you wondered why he was here. "Well don't be rude, answer me." You play to his teases by letting out a whimper. "I have watched your past 12 hours in your new body, and believe me it is the cringiest thing ever to watch you try to act as a dog." You consider growling at him but that would only embarrass yourself even more. "I was going to keep you as their pet forever, but after seeing you trying to "Play Dog" it got boring watching you suffer, so I came to propose a solution to your problems." After hearing that, you stared up at him, you noticed an amulet on his belt, you thought maybe if you got that amulet you would be able to escape this body. Not noticing you eyeing his amulet, he said "If you stay in this body for 3 days, starting now, I may offer you a 'solution' to this curse I have set upon you." You wanted to ask what he meant by "solution," but not being able to speak and the thought that if you upset Vakoligan he may increase the 3-day timer. "But there is one requirement for this to count, you must continue to Play Dog for the 3 days, if you display human traits or lose Maria's affection the time will increase to one year as a dog. Oh and one more thing, the second the 3-day timer ends you MUST be with Maria, if you aren't the timer will increase by one year, the timer starts now."

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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