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Mind Intact

Maria picked you up and held you like a puppy. It continued to feel awkward because unlike what you would expect, your human mind is staying as if you never stayed. You wonder why you are keeping your human feelings and instincts, you were starting to actually think of your human mind with this body as a bad thing, because it means you will never feel natural as a dog, your mind and body are at war, and will be unsynced until you get your human body back, which doesn't seem like a possibility at this point. Maria was still holding you like a puppy, despite treating you like a dog, you can tell she truly cares about you, you started to be glad you chose to Play Dog, it would be very hard to ever find someone who took care of dogs so well, although it was hard to appreciate her treating you as a dog. You put you down on the ground so you can try walking as a quadrupedral again, it still was hard to keep track of all four legs after walking on two legs for years. Why did Vakoligan choose a puppy to trap you as? You assumed it was for the ironic effect of wishing to be a werewolf. And why did he have to make me unable to speak human? It's not like anyone would believe me if I told them about him. Maybe he did all this because you told him his enemies were all dead, maybe he wanted a new enemy, although he seemed to best you pretty quickly. You wished you could see him again, and be able to talk to him, just to ask him all these questions. The mother arrived in the room with a small bowl of milk, it was smaller than the bowl in the pet cage. After stumbling over to the puppy-sized bowl, you try to drink the warm milk. It was definitely much better than the dog food you were fed earlier, despite tasting a little weird from being warmed, anticipating a puppy tasting it, it actually had a positive taste. You wondered what time it was, your track of time was out of whack since being teleported to the pet store. Maria's mother said to her "Don't forget about you shower tonight, 30 more minutes!" Okay so it must be pretty late in the day, you wonder where you will sleep, when you realize you've only seen the living room, there's still the rest of the house.

You stepped into the room where the mom came with the milk, you figured it must be the kitchen. There were tall counters and tables, you couldn't actually tell if it was a kitchen because of your height. Now that you had a chance to see for long distances, you realized your Labrador eyes made your vision blurry compared to a humans, you couldn't see what was on top of the counters because of this, so you only assumed this was the kitchen because the mom came from it with milk. There was another hallway branching off from the kitchen, but as you stumbled closer to it you saw there was a small fence blocking your access to the room beyond. You got frustrated at the thought of being bested by a doggy fence, it made you feel pathetic, like a second class citizen, like a pet.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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