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Play Dog

After walking out of the cage, you walk slowly to Maria, trying your best to look cute. You let out a small bark and proceed to wag your new tail. It is hard for you to do this, not because you are trapped as a dog, but because you are embarrassed, what if someone who knew you used to be a human saw you doing this, what would they think? Would they laugh, or call you a dog? Luckily Maria and the mother see you as a dog so it looks natural to them, Maria says "Thank you mom!" You wondered if either of them even knew how to take care of a dog, although you didn't particularly want to be "taken care of" you wanted to be a human, but this seemed to be the only option for you anymore. Maria said "Mom I think baby pups drink milk, could you maybe go pour him a bowl? he may be thirsty." As her mother started walking to the kitchen to get you some milk, Maria asked "What's it's name?" The mother replied with "Spot." Those words echo in your mind as you try again to walk with 4 legs. Maria notices you walking as if you've never done it before and asks "Why is he having trouble walking?" Her mother replied "The pet store clerk said he's only 28 days old, maybe he doesn't know how to walk yet." After hearing this, Maria changes her look at you, instead of a look she would give to a grown up dog, it changed to a look as if she was looking at a puppy, which she was. This only reminded you what Vakoligan had done to you, and what Maria would never discover no matter how hard you try to tell her.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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