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Day 1 starts

In the morning, you wake up on the doggy bed, but you don't remember falling asleep. Remembering what Vakoligan told you last night, about having to Play Dog for 3 days, better than staying in this body for a whole year you think. You hear the laundry room door open, you look to see the mother staring at you. Her face looks different, she looks mad at you, you don't know why. After staring for a few seconds sure said "You are a very naughty dog Spot." It didn't take long for you to realize what had happened, the doggy bed felt all wet! Embarassed, you move off the bed, and watch her pick it up, still looking angry at you. She yells "Maria, Spot wet his bed, we need to teach him when to go poop and pee!" Getting more embarassed by the second, you think to yourself, why did I wet the bed? I didn't mean to, what happened? The mother walks away with the wet doggy bed, soon Maria walks into the laundry room. Maria kneels down and says "That was very naughty Spot, you shouldn't go pee in the bed." At that you thought about what Vakoligan said, you need to keep Maria's affection or the "solution" will not work, out of panic of losing affection you whimper trying to convey that you are sorry. Maria's face changes back to the face she had yesterday when she first saw me, "We're gonna need to start walking you today in you keep being naughty." The thought of being walked horrifies you, life just keeps reminding you that you were now a pet and not a human. Maria yelled "Mom when should I walk him?" Her mother replied with "About now after he eats would be good." You were scared of what you would have to eat today, if it was as bad as the dog food at the pet store you wouldn't be able to make it the 3 days. Her mother walked out with a bowl of something, you couldn't tell what, but instead of putting it down, she put it right above you, and then carried it back to the kitchen. You figured she must be trying to teach you that food is in the kitchen. When you got closer to the food, you saw it was Kibble. It definitely looked better then what they made you eat at the pet store, you take a while to investigate it before eating it. After realizing the mother and Maria were watching, you started eating. It tasted better than the pet store's dog food, but it still tasted gross with your human mind. They kept watching until you finish it, which felt like it took it's own 3 days to finish. Finally Maria said "Can I walk him now?" Her mother said "Yes, but take a doggy bag." Maria ran to another room and came back with a leash, you consider fighting but, not wanting to lose affection, you let her put the leash around your neck. The leash feels tight and itchy, not that you can do anything about it. You stumbled outside as fast as you can, and right on time, you can feel all the food moving through your 28-day old Labrador body.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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