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You need a store in extra large...

The last thing you need to do is get lost in the bottom of an all you can eat buffet. Your already whale-like in proportion and huffing and puffing just to walk, if this continues for much longer, your going to become too big to even do that. "No, that's enough," you say, fishing out your wallet and pulling out the money to pay for the meal. It at least was enough to where your feeling a little sated. You waddle out and continue down the street, doing your best to pace yourself as you strain against your bulk.

Soon you get to the middle of town and see what you came here for. A sign above one of the shop reads 'Threads and Fate', and you can see numerous clothes in the window. You cross the square and open the door, eager to find something that will fit you before your pants give out, when suddenly you come to a halt, the sudden jolt of it causing you to lose your footing and fall forward... where you halt in mid air. Looking back you see your sides wedged into the door frame, your expansive gut flowing through leaving your massive rear trapped. Seems you forgot that your not built for normal doors anymore. You try to push forward, but find your unable to find purchase, as the only thing in reach of your flabby, stubby arms are the rolls of flab bulgeing out of the door, and trying to pull back proves fruitless, as the bulk of your weight has been pushed forward, making you fight against your center of gravity. After struggling and wobbling for a good minute, you give up and start calling for help.

"Coming!" calls a female voice, and in a few moments you see a young woman wrapped in cloths come around the corner. "Welcome to... Oh, my..." she says when she spots you in the doorway. "Well... seems like you may be in a bit of a spot there." she continues, approaching you, "Your a bit... larger then my normal customers..."

"Yeah, I know, can you help me out?" you ask, slightly annoyed at the situation. You offer a paw, hoping she can help you through. She takes it, and gives a tug, the motion doing nothing to budge you. She then plants a foot against the wall for greater purchase, and you both strain forward, but all you manage is to set your bulk shaking as her muscles give out and you sink back no more inside then before. "Maybe we should try the other way," she says, and begins pushing against your bulk, her hands sinking into your flab before hitting the more solid part of your mass, you do your best to pull back, and eventually you manage to start rolling your center of gravity back. She turns around and braces herself against the roll of your stomach, pushing it up and out until finally, you tilt and roll backwards out of the door frame onto your back, the woman tumbling on top of you.

"OMPH.. oh... sorry about that," she says, crawling off off of you, a feat that takes a few seconds as her motions set you wobbling like a water bed until she slides off and helps you to your feet. "Now, I'm guessing your looking for some clothes," she says, observing the state of your own, which is now more or less a rag from the amount of stress it's undergone. "Yeah, though I don't think the standard fair is going to work for me, if the fact that I'm too big to even get into your shop hasn't made it obvious." you say, with a bit of annoyance in your tone.

"Hmmm, well, not exactly..." she says, "You see, this isn't exactly a regular clothing store." she says, "You see, I'm a tailor, but I also happen to be a..."

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