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The Bottomless Pulled Pork Pot

Honestly, at this point, there no point in putting it off. If you wait, you'll just be hungrier later and gorge even more, and if you have new clothes, you'll probably be better getting them tailored after you've had a meal as opposed of when your stomach is empty. "I'll have one of today's specials." you tell the the waiter, who writes down your order and disappears into the restaurant. As you wait, you shift about, trying to move the broken stools out from under you to get more comfortable. It not long though before the waiter comes back with a pot and puts it on the table. Having had a rest, you struggle to your feet, which involves a lot of trying to throw your weight from one side to the other, before finally managing enough to roll over and push yourself up.

You reach for the pot, only to have the table shift as you lean forward, pushed by your overblown stomach. You try to lean over it,but only manage to scrap at the edge. The waiter see's your frustration and moves the pot into your hand, before you can try something more drastic, such as trying to climb over the table, which would have likely resulted in more property damage. You lift the pot to your face, and quickly begin to devour it's content. The pulled pork is sweet and tender, and it is not long before you are licking the bottom of the pot clean before belching. It really hit the spot.

"Would sir like another?" asked the waiter, as you wipe what little remains off your face with a napkin. "Another?" you question. "Yes, it is the 'bottomless' pulled pork pot, all you can eat. Generally it is a family meal, but..." He says, looking your great bulk over and saying nothing more, but you can tell he would have said something like, 'you look as if you eat as much as 2 families in a regular sitting'.

Still, it IS all you can eat, you wonder wither you should take another pot and get your money's worth, or if your should just get along to get your clothes...

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