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Threads and fate... quite literally.

You look her over, and see that her cloths do look a little like something you've seen on stereotypical palm readers and the like, lined with small dangling metal disks and little moon symbols. "I was wondering when the owner of that one was going to show up..." she says, more to herself then to you. "Wait here for a moment, I'll be right back with just what you need." she says, and ducks back into the store. A few minutes later, she comes back with a rather large package in hand, "I made this a few months ago, I was quite surprised to be honest, I thought for a moment I'd lost my touch."

"Ummm, what do you mean exactly," you say as you take the package she hands you. "Well, like I said, I'm a fortune teller, I sort of... get visions about future customers. Saves a lot of time for people when you already have exactly what they're looking for. Then of course I offer palm readings and the like, on the side of course..." You open the package, and find a HUGE set of overalls inside. . taking them out and letting them unfold, feeling a bit of surprise at just how big it is all over again. Then again, if what she said is true, it was tailored for you. "Ummm, thanks?" you say. "Well, go ahead and slip them on, honestly you look like you're almost naked to begin with." She says, and you quickly begin sliding the tremendous garment up your waste, hooking the loops around your arms and pulling the rest of it up. It is thankfully big enough, and the design helps you support your massive stomach a bit easier with the harness at the top letting you carry it with your shoulders a bit more. And thankfully it isn't skin tight, plenty room in the legs and butt, and for a moment you revel in the feeling of not bursting at the seems for once.

"Wow, it... perfect actually." you say. "Well, it was tailored too you." she replies. "Though it's strange, I don't mean to pry or anything, but I get the feeling that you're in a bit of a situation. I mean, someone of your size... well, that's not normal..." she says, "I would like to, that is, if you want, I can read your fortune...." You consider this, she obviously has credibility given she crafted such a unpredictable garment, but do your really want her digging into your business, after all, you've had your fill of magic and so far it's liked to hand you the short stick every time. Do you want to risk getting caught up in it again?

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