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When in doubt, explore.

You start to think; If I was a leprechaun, where would I hide my gold? After careful consideration, you decide to explore the castle carefully, room by room. Glancing at the grandfather clock in the hall, you see that it reads 7:15 am. You should have plenty of time to search. But first, you go to get some comfortable clothes on. Your now-tight ones are killing your ... ahem ... lower area.

After about two hours, you're getting tired. You've checked all the rooms on the ground level, but you've also been growing. In two hours' time, you have gained probably over 150 pounds. Your stomach strains against your pants, and your shirt, though an extra large, isn't hanging off you as much as it once did. You've become considerably slower, and have gained a bounce when you walk. You think it's best to check on a different floor. Do you head up the stairs, to the second floor, or down to the basement?

Written by Frank (edited by wanderer)

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