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Sticky Situation

You head down the narrow steps of the stairway, your stomach bouncing ahead of you as if in rhythm. The air grows cold and stagnant about you, as if no one has been down here in hundreds of years. Finally, after a long descent, you arrive at an opening. Looking through, you see nothing but darkness. Shit, you think, and head back up the stairs for a flashlight.

When you finally return, your shirt now riding atop the curve of your growing belly, you stare once more into the darkness and switch on your flashlight. The room you now stare into is filled with cobwebs and dust. Empty shelves litter the corridors of what may have been the castle's dungeon. Barred cells lie empty and rusted in the walls. You walk deeper into this place, getting the eerie feeling that you are being watched. You search for some glimmer of gold. Finally, you figure it couldn't be down here, and turn to leave.

Just then, you see something shine ... with a golden tint! With high hopes, you run towards it, thinking that you'll be free of the curse. A digusting sight greets you on your arrival. The golden tint was from a thick secretion of slime, golden and brown, dripping from the walls of a small room. You look closer, then freeze with horror. Spider eggs, you think.

Just then, a thousand strands of sticky web twirl around your growing midsection. More surround your arms and legs, and you see thousands of tiny spiders spinning their webs tightly around you. You try to fight, but only succeed in tangling yourself further in their sticky trap. Soon, you are wrapped up tightly, all except your head. The tiny spiders then form a web rope and start dragging you across the dungeon floor. Where are they taking you?

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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