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You see trouble brewing

The strange sensation throughout your body doesn't stop with your muscles, though nothing seems to be changing. You enter one of the bathrooms and look in one of the large mirrors, just to make sure.

You gasp at what you see. A few moments ago, you were nothing but fur and muscle, but now, your muscles have become less detailed, and your stomach has grown slightly, forming a definite bulge around your mid-section. Your cheeks also look a little puffy, as if they were swollen.

Holding very still, you watch your reflection carefully, and catch a slight movement at your waist. No, you think, it couldn't be. But your curiousity will not rest. You find a scale, and weigh yourself. The scale soars high, then settles at 210. You watch carefully ... and slowly, but surely, the scale moves, 211 ... 212 ... 213 ... 215! You feel a surge of fear ... you're gaining weight! You glance at your reflection once more. You can't tell if it's your imagination and fear that is doing it, but you could swear you look wider than the last time you looked. You turn on a tap, and splash water on your face. It runs down your muzzle, and you try to get a grip on yourself.

When you wipe the water from your eyes, you see something impossible; the windows have fogged up, and writing is being written in the condensation, as if an invisible person was running his finger along the glass:

Ye freed me and I payed me debt,
But magic's rules go deeper yet.
A fool that makes such unwise wishes,
Soon feels he's cleaned too many dishes!
Tricks are ever the leprechaun way,
Bound to happen, night or day,
But still another rule be set,
If ye be brave, and take the bet.
Find me gold, and ye be freed
Of this curse of glutton seed,
But if ye can't e'er midnight's tolled,
Ye'll grow until ye're grey and old."

You feel sick ... you have to find this leprechaun's pot of gold by midnight, or you'll be gaining weight for the rest of your life! What do you do?

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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