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Third time's the charm

"This is not what I meant by a werewolf," you say, "werewolves are bigger than this." "So, ye be wishing to be bigger, then?" the Leprechaun says. "How much bigger?" "A whole lot bigger," you say, then think a little. "And don't skimp on the muscles," you add, thinking about a very tall and skinny werewolf. At this, the Leprechaun does an Irish jig and a rhyme, "So ye wish to be bigger, And no longer thinner, I'll perform me art, And then we will part."

Then he disappears. You start to feel strange, then see that the room is getting smaller. You're growing, and continue to grow until you're about 9 feet tall. Your muscles inflate almost like balloons, your clothes tightening around your now-muscular frame. You soon resemble the normal concept of a werewolf. Your muscles stop growing, but you still feel strange. Something else is happening ...

Written by an anonymous author

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