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Not just for flapping.

You advise him to push his wings against you, and use them to spread the weight of his claws.

That does it. When he pushes again, he sinks into your flesh slightly, but is not swallowed completely. At first, however, you don't budge; it takes significant force from him to get you moving. But eventually, with a sloshing, you begin to roll onto your side.

Once he gets you moving, it's relatively easy to keep moving. Like an enormous water balloon, you tumble and turn across the ground, trying to keep yourself from getting dizzy.

Eventually, though, your rolling stops, as you collide with the castle door. Part of your belly flows into the hall, but the rest clogs the frame.

Drake offers a few more hearty pushes, expanding you into the room somewhat with each shove, but in the end, it proves fruitless. You're now too big to enter the castle.

Drake collapses against your side, and you both lay there, panting. You especially, even though you haven't used your muscles at all. Simply carrying all of your weight on your body is exhausting. In your current position, you're lying on your back, and your fat is pressing down on your ribcage. Fortunately for you, dragons have strong bones.

"I think, you're going to have to spend the night outside."

"Eh, not a big deal. I was outside for the past few nights, right?"


"You can head inside if you like. I'll be fine till morning."

"You're kind of blocking the whole door. I can't get through."

"How's that possible? The door's twelve feet high."

"So's your stomach."


"I'll just sleep out here."

"That can't be very comfortable for you. I'm padded at least."

"That you are."

Drake rolls upright, and then clambers on top of you, sending your whole body rocking back and forth.

"Hey! Watch it!"

Drake spreads himself out on your underside, sinking into your fat.

"There we go. See? Cuddly."

"Well, glad it's useful to somebody, I guess." You grumble.

"...hey. Don't do that to me again."

"What? What did I do?"

"When you fell in the well...I thought I lost you. That was the most scared I've ever been in my life."

He squeezes you tight, which mostly just mounds a roll of your chest between his arms.

Unsure what to say, you remain silent, until a loud snoring announces drake has fallen asleep.

In that moment, you find yourself quite at ease with your size, and are happy you can offer comfortable sleep to someone you care about.

You re-position your head a bit, trying to arrange your neck rolls into some sort of pillow, and then join him in slumber.

Written by flabbingup

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