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Biggest loser.

You're awoken the next morning when Drake tugs hard on your legs, rolling you over onto your stomach.

"Ah!" You cry, instantly alert.

"Alright, time to start slimming down!" Drake says brightly.

"Urgh...What about breakfast?"

"After you exercise for a bit, you can have a deer."

"Just one deer?" You moan, you're hungry enough to eat ten.

"You want to get smaller don't you?"

You look down at your pendulous stomach, folding out onto the ground in front of you.

"Sigh. Yes."

"Then let's get to it."

Drake holds up a rope with a series of knots tied in it.

"When you started eating so much in your sleep, I decided to measure your chest and belly. Each of these knots is one foot from the next."

"You use feet and inches?"

"We have the same language, why wouldn't we have the same measurements?"

"...fair point."

"Now, right after you got out of the well, you were 25 feet around the belly, and 20 feet around the chest."

"Twenty feet!"

"Yep. You're probably the biggest dragon I've ever met."

You groan, this was starting to feel impossible.

Drake spreads the rope across the ground and rolls you onto it, then wrapps it around your stomach.

"Oh, lucky. It just barely reaches. So now you're..." he counts the knots, and then drags the rope under your back to your chest. "And then you're... alright." He finishes, rolling you back off the rope.

"You're now 36 feet around the chest and 38 feet around the belly."

You don't even respond. You're jaw drops. You're literally the size of a blimp.

"I'm...I'm never going to lose weight...am I."

"You never know until you try." Drake says brightly. "For reference, I'm 10 feet around the belly, and about 15 around the chest. I don't know if you'll ever be quite that small, but it's good set lofty goals, don't you think?"


Now...you're too big to run or climb, so why don't we start by flapping your wings a bit."

You comply, and he leads you through several repetitions and variations of the exercise that leave you sore and breathless. After that comes a crawl around the castle, quite difficult for you, followed by "dragon jumping-jacks" in which you raise and lower your limbs.

This continues throughout the rest of the day, broken only by meals and is repeated the next day, and the next, and the next.

Until, two weeks later...

Written by flabbingup

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